Linden Estate was established in 1971 by the Van der Linden Family.

The current winery facility was built in 1991, and the vineyard underwent a carefully planned planting program using classic grape varieties including Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Chardonnay proved to be their first medal winner, and was selected for first and business class services on Air New Zealand flights. Much of the wine was exported to the UK, the US, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada and Taiwan.

The present owners took over in 2006, with a goal of re-establishing the brand as a producer of quality wines. With a completely new and passionate team, our aim is to make premium boutique Hawke's Bay wines. Our hard work and attention to detail is key to growing exceptional fruit using environmentally conscious practices and, as a result, our wine achieves depth, richness and complexity with intense fruit flavours.   

Linden Estate enjoys the warm climate of Hawke's Bay, New Zealand's most versatile winegrowing region. We are situated 15 minutes north of Napier, in the Eskdale sub region. Linden Estate is the first winery as you arrive into Hawke's Bay from Taupo, and the ideal place to begin any wine tasting experience.  Our cellar door is elevated above the surrounding vines, providing a wonderful vista across the valley floor to the wooded hills in the background. For the visitor, Linden Estate Winery offers unique wines,  beautiful views and approachable staff.  

While visiting Linden Estate Winery, take a moment to relax on our sunny balcony deck overlooking the valley and enjoy a glass of one of our truly exquisite Hawke's Bay wines.

 Our Vineyards

Linden Estate's vineyards are situated on the slopes of the Esk Valley hills. This provides a unique microclimate which protects the vineyard from frost and gives stunning views through the valley. Hawke's Bay is known as a warm area of New Zealand, with moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine. Esk Valley is the most northerly of the Hawke's Bay wine growing areas and is one of the oldest vineyard locations in the area. We pride ourselves on our boutique-style production, growing twelve varieties of grapes in small, carefully managed blocks, over 15 ha of vineyard area.  

Our varieties are:

    • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Pinot Gris
    • Alberino
    • Chardonnay
    • Gewurztraminer
    • Merlot
    • Cabernet Sauvignon 
    • Malbec
    • Syrah (Shiraz)
    • Pinotage
    • Cabernet Franc
    • Tannat

We deliberately keep our yields very low in order to maximize the flavour intensity and ripeness.

“Our mission is to create excellent boutique wines ​which we are proud to call our own.”

Our Team

Winemaker – Trevor Shepherd
… A passionate winemaker who has been quietly making amazing wines under the radar at Linden since 2010 and is now being recognized by the industry for his unique and innovative fine wine style. Trevor lives onsite, so he is never too far from monitoring the process!

Assistant Winemaker and Viticulturist - Alex Hendry
... Alex grew up in Auckland graduating from our local EIT in Taradale in 2010 with a degree in oenology. He joined Linden team full time in 2016 after part time input over 3 vintages. His viticulture skills have seen the vineyard develop beautifully.  Alex is very creative and offers an innovative come natural approach to the team dynamic.

Greg Abramoff ... Our 'Happy' Canadian brings a wealth of technical knowledge of wine to our winery in exchange for experiential wine making knowledge.  He and his wife Chelsea , also Canadian, enjoy exploring the breadth of Hawke's Bay amazing wines.

Cellar Door Hosts - Kerri White, Vicki Mckerras & Linda Paterson ... Responsible for the complete Wine Tasting customer experience.  Knowledgeable in the Linden stable of wines and keen to help visitors explore the range and find the best match for their palate and lifestyle, wine tastings and cellar door sales are their specialty.

GM/ Accounts – Janet Nielson

Senior Consultant - Ian Hill ... Ian has vast experience in sales, marketing and export with some 26 years + in the Wine Industry.
Ian has a passion for Hawke's Bay wine particularly Chardonnays and Syrah.

CEO - Wayne Walford ... Wayne joined the Linden Team in March 2019 after many years of People and Organisational Management.  Much like the Linden Team, playing to the strengths of the Esk Valley terroir, Wayne’s modus operandi is about developing teams and empowering people to find their 'awesome'.

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